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School Engagement Questionnaire

The NCSE School Engagement Questionnaire was compiled in 2006 based on extensive research into the school engagement literature and a thorough review of existing school engagement measures. We designed the survey to measure three aspects of school engagement:

  • cognitive engagement,
  • behavioral engagement,
  • and emotional engagement.

The resulting 42-question survey was rigorously tested for validity and reliability, and the fifteen items that had the highest predictive value – five for each engagement type – were selected for a short survey version. In addition, a section of questions on bullying was added. Since then, the survey has been used in many schools across the country.

Everything you need to conduct a successful survey is included in the $75 packet.

  • The 42-question, full survey
  • The 15-question short survey, best for the youngest children
  • Spanish survey versions
  • Bonus bullying survey
  • Coding sheets for each survey
  • A pre-formatted Excel data entry sheet for each survey
  • Survey administration tips.
  • The report evaluating survey validity and reliability,
  • Quantifying School Engagement Research Report, also free on our website.
    The Peer Victimization in Schools report based on the bullying supplement, also free on our website.
  • (Upon request, we would be happy to send you versions of the long survey in Portuguese and the short survey in Urdu with your purchase. Note that these surveys were translated by researchers unaffiliated with NCSE.)
  • The survey may be used with an unlimited number of students in a single research study, either once or multiple times during a single school year, for the flat fee.