Jeff Lujan, LCSW

Jeff Lujan

Jeff is a licensed clinical social worker and educator with a broad range of service. His experience includes hospice, trauma informed care, medical case management, substance abuse counseling, infectious disease outreach and prevention, program development, implementation, and management, and educating youth and adults. He was formerly a certified teacher in Hawaii and has extensive experience in public speaking, professional presentations and working in multicultural settings including Hispanic, sexual minority, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American communities.
Jeff has developed and delivered professional development training related to trauma-informed care for elementary, intermediate, and high school settings including unique subgroups such as special needs, at-risk, and tribal student populations. He has provided counseling services for elementary, middle and high-school students in public schools as well as clinical settings. He has worked across many cultural settings to address the social/emotional needs of students, families, and those who work in settings that serve youth. He is also a hospice social worker who provides end-of-life resources for individuals and their families.
Jeff is currently working with the Manaaji’idiwin pilot project sponsored by the Province of Manitoba as an alternative approach to meeting education/training needs for residential youth care.