Program Evaluation

Have a program or intervention you want to evaluate? We can help. Our experienced evaluation staff will design a study to meet any budget. We listen to your goals and needs, and meet you wherever you are in your evaluation plan. We can help you do everything from designing a logic model to building a system for data collection, to analyzing your data.

We will work cooperatively with you to design a practical evaluation that you can use to improve your program and show funders the value of your work. We are experts in both process evaluations to assess the systemic functioning of your program, and outcome evaluations to measure your program’s effectiveness. We are experienced in both quantitative and qualitative evaluations, and understand that the best evaluations include both. We will:


Conduct focus groups among stakeholder groups

Survey larger numbers of program participants, designing the survey instrument with your feedback beforehand

Interview key program staff and stakeholders

Write a thorough summary that will highlight your strengths and include suggestions for improvement

Share results through PowerPoints and presentations

Build your capacity to continue your own evaluation efforts

If you don’t know what some of these terms mean, you can attend our one-day professional development class called How to Evaluate Your Truancy Reduction Program. You will be able to meet our staff and decide for yourself if we are the team best suited to further your evaluation goals.

If your program is still in the design stage and not ready for evaluation, we can help guide you through the design phase while incorporating an evaluation plan right from the beginning.

Interested and have some more questions? Contact Jodi Heilbrunn at