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    Special Items of Interest . . .

    Training "Evaluating your Truancy Reduction Program" is scheduled for June 19-20, 2014, in Buffalo, New York. Click here for training information and registration.

    Raised by the Courts: A Book Review
    Written by Joanna Zorn Heilbrunn of the National Center for School Engagement.  Read the review of this enlightening book under  the "What's New" section.  Just click on "What's New" above.

    The National Center for School Engagement
    is proud to launch our new on-line course entitled:

    Truancy and Dropout: Mending the Cracks
    in the Graduation Pipeline

    This course was developed in response to the many requests we receive for information on best practices in improving attendance and promoting school engagement.  The course covers:

    Why school attendance matters so much 
    AAA Schools: the NCSE approach 
    Causes of truancy 
    Patterns of absence 
    Helpful approaches 
    Tips for effective case management
    Compulsory school attendance law 

    Print this brochure for more information, or follow this link to register

    (Thanks to start-up support from the NJ Office of the Attorney General, the course is free to New Jersey residents and employees.)

    TRAIN is a Truancy Reduction Application interface that is a secure, web-based system that tracks progress of youth receiving school attendance services.  It includes information on students' school attachment, academic achievement, and attendance, demographics, health, family and peer relationships, and detailed service history.  Please click here for more information about TRAIN.

    NCSE AAA Policy and Practice Assessment
    Our comprehensive assessment is designed to help school teams evaluate the extent to which school level policies and practices help students feel engaged and connected to their school community and whether they intentionally foster or unintentionally undermine student attendance, attachment and achievement.  Please click here for sample questions.

    NCSE is a committed partner in the Colorado Graduates Initiative, a collaborative effort to reduce the dropout rate and raise the high school graduation rate statewide.  Please visit the CGI website to learn more about the initiative.

    Student Engagment in School Shown to Mitigate Student Victimizaton
    NCSE undertook a study to investigate the nature of the relationship between bulllying and truancy and delinquency.  Please check out the exutive summary as well as the full report under the What's New tab at the top of this page.

    Report on Johns Hopkins Research Released
    The Colorado Graduates Initiative (CGI), a partnership between the National Center for School Engagement, Colorado Youth For A Change and the Colorado Children’s Campaign, has released a new study examining high school dropout rates in five Colorado school districts.  To read a synopsis of the report conducting by researchers at Johns Hopkins University , and to find a link to the full report Click on the What’s New tab at the top of this page.























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